1. For entry into the Car Show, Car Owners MUST register their car with the MNCI volunteers. Owners are REQUIRED to display the MNCI Dash Placard, the MNCI window decal, or both during the full duration of the show.
  2. Owners may register online or in person. Online registrations should still pick up their placard and decal from the MNCI volunteers onsite. Owners may register more than one car and each car will receive a placard.
  3. Advertising other car shows promotes the hobby and is no longer discouraged.
  4. For Sale Signs must be out of view and placed on the front seat.
  5. NO SOLICITATION OF ANY KIND. No passing out flyers, no flyers or business cards on your cars, no vending products from your car, and no covering your car in decals to promote your business (except by an event sponsor) unless given explicit permission by MNCI. Our paid sponsors take exception to paying for the privilege of exclusive advertising, only to have others advertise without paying for sponsorships.
  6. NO EXCESSIVE ENGINE NOISE. People live near the Mall, and we’d like them not to complain about our show. THIS MEANS NO REVVING.
  7. NO BURNOUTS. Be safe, respectful and tasteful – No Speeding, no racing, no burnouts, or other unsafe driving. THIS INCLUDES TEARING OUT OF THE PARKING LOT. We want the event site to be safe for all those attend.
  8. PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME. We really want to protect spectator safety and not have exhibitors driving through crowds to seek out parking spaces. Once the show starts, exhibitors will be escorted to the closest free space that is safest to position you in. PLEASE RESPECT THIS POLICY.
  9. Enter and Exit at appropriate locations.
  10. No Alcohol.
  11. No Saving Parking Spaces.
  12. Playing loud music from your car during the show will NOT BE PERMITTED.
  13. One Spot Per Car.
  14. For Insurance reasons – no bikes, skate boards, mini bikes, battery scooters, Segways, go-carts, etc.
  15. Leashed animals are welcome.